TransQuery -- XSL Transformations as Query Language

TransQuery comprises a small, flexible set of XSLT conventions and processing model constraints that enable the use of XSLT as a query language over multiple XML documents. It is an interoperability specification for XML databases, allowing them to use a standard XML query language today--the W3C-recommended XSLT.

Many thanks to John Cowan for his TransQuery-friendly limerick:

My corporate data's a mess!
It's all semi-structured, no less.
   But I'll be carefree
   Using XSLT

Update: The OASIS-hosted temporary public discussion list for TransQuery has expired. Until further notice, an OASIS Technical Committee will not be formed. However, the TransQuery specification and related resources will continue to be available on this website, available for use by the public. In addition, archives of the public discussion can be viewed at Thanks to everyone who participated!

To learn more about TransQuery, check out the following related resources:

TransQuery Specification

The TransQuery Specification is the descriptive and normative reference for the XSLT conventions and processing model constraints of TransQuery.

TransQuery FAQ

The TransQuery FAQ provides an informal introduction to TransQuery and its reasons for being.

A demo of TransQuery

This TransQuery Demo, hosted by Evan Lenz, is a browser-based demo illustrating use cases for TransQuery. It utilizes the open-source software provided by the SourceForge TransQuery Project.

TransQuery SourceForge Project

The TransQuery SourceForge Project is home to an open-source implementation of the TransQuery processing model and experimental platform for the TransQuery interface.

Note: This document is a RDDL Resource Directory Description for TransQuery.

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